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June 28, 2010

Dear Krish,

I am honored to receive your mail.

I saw your ad and contents, and have never seen such an expensive thing so far!  I admire your guts and vision and mission on healthcare.  Your open letter to the G28, yes, G28 leaders should go a long way, and I hope you get a reply from anyone of them.

Impact will take some time.

I am a Canadian journalist, owner of small scale media company, and a caregiver for 14 years to my wife Veena, and other disabled, loved ones.

I was in Washington DC last year, during Obama's inauguration, and it's Obamacare now; I am sure you know the details.  Doctors and other healthcare service providers do obscene billings, get paid hugely, and the caregivers, the people behind the wheelchairs, remain unpaid.  There are over 70 million of them in America and Canada, and I am working on a new policy mechanism on our unstoppable movement for their betterment.

I wish you all the best.  Hope we meet someday soon.  Best regards.


Irvinder Babra

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