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Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide.
A healthy person has many wishes, but the sick person has only one.
Approximately 74% of all cancer deaths occur in low and middle-income countries.


Krishnan Suthanthiran, Health Crusader

Krishnan Suthanthiran, Founder and President of TeamBest Global Companies (TBG), celebrated the 51st year — more than half a century — of his career in Oncology/Medicine, in July of 2023.  His single goal was, and is, to be the best in whatever he did; thus the name Best.  The primary focus of the Best family of companies, called TeamBest®, is manufacturing and marketing of cancer therapies and radiation technologies, including multi-pronged research and innovation.  From its one-person humble beginning, BMI has grown into a 450 person highly skilled and diverse global enterprise with $100 million annual revenue.  Its current manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Canada and France.  TeamBest® has earned the loyalty of many thousands in medical communities around the world by supplying quality and safe products and unparalleled customer service.

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To achieve his social objectives, Krishnan founded the Best Cure Foundation as the philanthropic arm of his global enterprises.  It is a Virginia registered non-profit corporation, Federal Tax ID: 94 - 3443743.