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The mission of the CURE Institute of Particle Therapy and Research is to provide the best possible particle therapy service at the lowest cost for the cure of various solid tumors.  The experience with prototype technology in Japan, Europe and the US has demonstrated that this is the next generation technology for cancer therapy, especially for tumors that are difficult to treat or operate on.

The Institute seeks to develop this new center cooperatively with clinical partners in the region and science and technology partners around the world.  This approach will ensure us the maximum benefits for our clinical partners and their patients and minimize the risks.

The particle therapy is complex technology requiring highly integrated operations of accelerator, beam delivery system, imaging systems, treatment planning system and information management capabilities.  The Institute aims to provide fully integrated solutions of technology, clinical operations and management.

The CURE Institute has the following missions:

  • Establish state-of-the-art particle therapy facilities for the delivery of care
  • Train a generation of therapists, physicists, dosimetrists, and managers
  • Conduct research for evidence-based cancer therapy
  • Provide professional services: Clinical, Physics, and Management
  • Promote development of cost-effective technologies

The Institute fulfills its global missions through the best-of-the-breed strategic partners:

  • Clinical Organizations
  • Radiation Oncologists and Physicists
  • Technology Manufacturers
  • Facility Design and Construction Companies
  • Research and Training Centers

For more information, contact:

Seong K. Mun, PhD – Member of the Board

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