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  • Can your staff benefit from radiation safety by experienced professionals?
  • Are you using good radiation safety procedures in compliance with the ALARA principle (radiation dose is As Low As Reasonably Achievable)?
  • Do you have documentation of radiation safety training to help reduce liability for unwarranted radiation injury claims?

CURE Institute of Health Physics offers an extensive range of Radiation Safety Training courses.  The training courses are available on-line and in classroom settings in the U.S. and Canada.  The courses are also designed for varying levels of expertise from basic to advanced.  Courses suitable for staff members from veterinary and dental practices with only one x-ray machine are available.  At the same time courses suitable for staff members from large teaching hospitals and research facilities with an array of radiation generating machines and radioisotopes are also offered.

All classroom based courses include:

  • CD of slide presentations
  • Printed materials relevant to the course subject matter
  • Refreshments

The following classroom based courses are available from CURE Institute of Health Physics:

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