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  • Do RSO duties interfere with the primary duties of one of your staff members?
  • Are you using good radiation safety procedures in compliance with the ALARA principle (radiation dose is As Low As Reasonably Achievable)?
  • Are your licenses, registrations, and safety training programs up to date?
  • Could your RSO use an assistant?

RSO Services is your resource for a complete line of radiation safety services.  We can assist your existing RSO on a temporary or permanent basis, part-time or full-time.  If the person who serves as your RSO has a different primary role, our service can free up that person to perform his/her primary job function.

With this service CURE Institute of Health Physics administers the radiation safety and badging program at your facility.  You save time and money by utilizing a professional with technical credentials and substantial experience to manage your RSO duties efficiently and resolve radiation safety issues expeditiously.

Why Use RSO Services from CURE Institute of Health Physics?

  • CURE Institute of Health Physics is part of Best Cure Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to making quality healthcare and education affordable and accessible globally.
  • CURE Institute of Health Physics can draw from a diverse group of experienced health and medical physicists with special expertise in areas such as shielding, personnel dosimetry, transport of radioactive materials, radiation instrumentation calibration and repair, regulatory compliance, sealed and unsealed source handling, new installations, and more.

The following section itemizes some of the RSO Services available from CURE Institute of Health Physics.

RSO Services

  • Licensing
  • Device registration
  • Interfacing with regulators
  • Radiation safety inspections
  • Radiation safety committee participation
  • Maintenance of personnel dosimetry program
  • Responding to radiological incidents and emergencies
  • Investigation and documentation of overexposures
  • Receipt and shipping of radioactive materials
  • Disposal of radioactive materials
  • Radiation safety training
  • Insure that dosimetry records for each employee are current
  • Review, maintain and interpret radiation dose reports
  • Advise staff about ALARA
  • Advise on use of radiation monitoring instruments
  • Provide technical advice on radiation related questions
  • Provide monthly report of activities and recommendations

For more information, contact:

Richard A. Oswald, Ph.D.
Director, CURE Institute of Health Physics
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