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  • Are you using good radiation safety procedures in compliance with the ALARA principle (radiation dose is As Low As Reasonably Achievable)?
  • Do you have documentation of radiation safety training to help reduce liability for unwarranted radiation injury claims?
  • Are your licenses, registrations, and staff training up to date?

Radiation Safety Program Management is a turnkey service.  The goal of the service is to free up clinical staff to provide medical care.  With this service the CURE Institute of Health Physics administers the radiation safety and badging program at your facility.  You save time and money by utilizing a professional with technical credentials and substantial experience to manage your program efficiently and resolve radiation safety issues expeditiously.  The CURE Institute of Health Physics provides health physics professionals with technical credentials and experience in radiation safety.

We can be the Radiation Safety Resource for your organization on a full-time or part-time basis.  Our flexible approach allows you to select some or all of the radiation safety program management services.

The following sections detail our cost-effective service for getting your radiation safety program on track and maintaining it.  The Radiation Safety Program Review is done once at the beginning of the service.  The ongoing services are listed in the Radiation Safety Program Services.

Radiation Safety Program Audit

  • Audit of existing radiation safety program at your facility
  • Evaluate current personnel dosimetry program
  • Assess regulatory compliance
  • Review status of licenses and registrations
  • Review ALARA program
  • Confirm that personnel radiation dose records are up to date
  • Training presentation to staff on radiation safety
  • Report of findings and recommendations

Radiation Safety Program Services

  • Monthly visit (for up to one hour) at your facility to:
  • Review badge program
  • Distribute new badges
  • Collect used badges for processing
  • Prepare shipment to processor
  • Interface with your dosimetry service provider to insure proper account maintenance, including addition and deletion of badge wearers, timely receipt of new badges, timely return of used badges, procurement of special badges (e.g., fetal badges, extremity badges, area monitors) and resolution of technical questions
  • Insure that dosimetry records for each employee are current
  • Review, maintain and interpret radiation dose reports
  • Advise staff about how to reduce radiation doses, when necessary
  • Advise on use of electronic dosimeters, when applicable
  • Investigate and document unusual radiation doses
  • Train and orient new staff on correct use of dosimeters
  • Provide technical advice on radiation related questions
  • Provide monthly report of activities and recommendations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • New Licenses and registrations
  • License amendments
  • Receipt and inventory of radioactive material
  • Procedure writing
  • Radiation safety training
  • Basic Radiation Safety
  • Radiation Safety in Medical Imaging - Patients and Staff
  • ALARA for Physicians, Technologists and Patients
  • Transport of Radioactive Materials
  • Radiation Shielding Design
  • Handling of Radioactive Materials in Medical Facilities
  • Personnel Dosimetry
  • Radiation Detection Instruments
  • New Installations
  • Facility design
  • Shielding calculations

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